The CCP strictly controls the news, the number of journalists has been greatly reduced, and the editing work is difficult

From mid-January to late April 2022, China’s National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) organized the verification of press cards for the year 2021.

The verification results show that as of December 2021, there were 194,263 journalists holding valid press cards in Communist China, and 14,188 journalists failed the annual verification, a failure rate of 7.3%. According to statistics, there were 248,101 licensed journalists in 2012; in 2022, there will be only 180,075 licensed journalists, a 27.4% decrease in ten years.

In the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the role of media is to act as the mouthpiece of the Party. Both state-owned and private media are under increasingly tight control, and foreign media are under even tighter control in Communist China. Any reporter or blogger who dared report “sensitive” information will suffer from surveillance, harassment, detention, and even torture. To further silence the people, the CCP will even accuse them, falsely if necessary, of espionage, inciting subversion of state power, and put into “Dark Prisons.” Here, individuals suffer at the hands of prejudice, unfounded abuse, and extreme punishment with no lawful oversite. Their futures will not be guaranteed.

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