Ukraine Could Be Tomorrow’s East Asia

On June 10th, at the Asian Security Summit in Singapore, Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida noted Ukraine could be tomorrow’s East Asia when referring to the situation in Taiwan. At the same time, a spokesman for communist China’s Defense Ministry boldly declared if Taiwan became independent, it would go to war at all costs.

Immediately after Kishida said these words, a spokesman for the communist China’s Defense Ministry said at the same day if anyone dares to separate Taiwan from China, its military will not hesitate to wage war, no matter what the cost.In the meantime, Kishida said the war of invasion waged by Russia has led to dramatic changes in the way countries view security, such as Germany’s increased defense budget and Sweden and Finland’s decision to join NATO.

Kishida added while protecting the lives and property of Japanese people, Japan must improve its deterrence and response capabilities.

He pledged his administration will define a new national security strategy by the end of this year, a new plan aimed at maintaining the Indo-Pacific maritime order.Kishida also stressed while strengthening the deterrent and response capability of the Japan-U.S. alliance, he will also promote multifaceted security cooperation with countries sharing universal values.

Noting the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, he said should keep the rules-based international order continue, while firmly eliminating military and economic coercion of a weak country by a powerful country.

He finally indicated technical cooperation related to maritime security capabilities will be promoted by more than 20 countries simultaneously over the next three years.

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