Publics in Communist China Fulminate CCP’s Extreme Epidemic Prevention Policy

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which has been imbuing the public with insane concepts, such as “man’s wills superior to the Heaven,” it is well-known for adopting simple, brutal, but costly measures to deal with various domestic events, and the way of the CCP handling the CCP virus pandemic presents another prime example. To cover up the vaccine disaster, the CCP enacted a frantic “zero-tolerance” policy, bringing the whole society to a standstill and turning Communist China into a giant prison, resulting in numerous secondary humanitarian disasters.

The public, who feels grave grievance over these lunatic measures, rebukes the CCP’s inhumanity. Sage Washington once said: “Plagues and earthquakes are not real catastrophes. Please remember, uncontained power is the biggest threat to human civilization that can cause the most devastation, followed by natural disasters and human ignorance.”

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