Fellow Fighters of the Whistleblower Movement Are Obligated to Take Down the CCP

On June 4th, the New Federal State of China(NFSC) celebrated its 2nd anniversary. During the celebration gathering, Miles Guo stated that the celebration expresses every fellow fighter’s remembrance of the martyrs of 89’64 Tiananmen Square Massacre, and their sincere congratulation to the establishment of the NFSC. At the same time, it is to tell the world that taking down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are fellow fighters’ ultimate purpose and irrevocable obligation.

Miles said, there are two requirements for becoming the fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement: first is to be truthful, second is transparency. All the fellow fighters will show the world of the peace-loving, positive, and kind images of the NFSC citizens, which will minimize the hatred of the world towards Chinese people and prohibit the anti-Chinese disaster. Everyone shall keep spreading out the truth and exposing the lies of the CCP.

Miles also mentioned, the Declaration of the NFSC is the Constitution and the guidelines of actions for fellow fighters. Everyone who joins the NFSC must respect and abide by the principles of the Declaration; we must warmly welcome the joining of the new fellow fighters and keep improving ourselves, at the same time, strengthen the determination of the NFSC to take down the CCP.

Miles stressed, the fight against the evil CCP is great and glorious, but the challenges to be experienced will be more than ever before. The CCP will definitely struggle till its death, and retaliate; fellow fighters must be well prepared. As long as we keep our mission of taking down the CCP in mind, all difficulties will be overcome, and the final victory will be just around the corner.

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