Two Important Functions Given To The Body By The Creator

On May 29, Miles Guo mentioned in his live broadcast that since the beginning of medicine, human beings had identified two basic functions of the human body: the first is the self-healing function given by God to defend the body against external aggressions, which is called the immune system in technical terms; the second is the cultivation of the human being later in life and the damage or enhancement that may bring to the body.

In the small universe of the human body, the liver, the human breath, the environment, the sky, and the earth become the four pillars of life. The CCP Virus and COVID Vaccine are extremely destructive to the body’s immunity, and Miles says that there are people who have never been infected who have developed symptoms in their bodies even though they tested negative in clinical trials due to the presence of the virus in the environment and the shedding of the stinging protein from the vaccine. Since the release of the CCP Virus by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which has caused millions of deaths and injuries, the virus has become so ubiquitous on the planet that there is little chance of it becoming stronger, and the virulence is only gradually diminishing.

Miles stressed that the body’s autoimmune system could help protect humans from the virus. Having true faith and following practices such as the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China can boost the body by not getting vaccinated. Even if one is deceived and forced to take the vaccine, the body will be just as well if one can take artemisinin and ivermectin in time.

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