A New Culture for the Citizens of NFSC: Abandon Overvaluating “Relationship” and Focusing on Competence

During Miles Guo’s Grand Live broadcast on May 26th, he spoke about some particular behavior the Ukraine Frontline fellow fighters were exhibiting and provided insightful explanations about the type of cultural standards that should be upheld for the citizens of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Mr. Guo believes that, while the Chinese people are under the influences of conventional ideologies and the CCP, they will consciously, or even subconsciously, keep trying to establish personal relationships during their everyday human interaction to make accessing assistance easier.

This is typically referred to as “关系“ (guanxi). As a result, most of the NFSC’s citizens have these tendencies as well, and it has become discernible among the fellow fighters at the frontline. Although old habits die hard, Mr. Guo explained that in the future, the new impression of Chinese people should be one of new cultural and behavioral norms, and they should let go of the concept of merely relying on “maintaining relationships” as a means to solving problems. Instead, it is his recommendation that they should focus on cultivating and enhancing personal capabilities. An example of this might be a commitment to learning a new skill, as an investment in yourself is never a wasted one. In the face of absolute strength, relationships become insignificant.

In the case of the NFSC, whether certain international entities will stand together with us depends on the Whistleblower Movement’s capabilities and perseverance to take down the CCP, not just obtaining the status of a relationship.

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