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April 19, 2022 marks the 5th anniversary of Miles Guo’s occurrence of the VOA (Voice of America) cut-off, while starting a new journey of the Whistleblower Movement. The official website of the NFSC was publicly launched and put into use on April 19 this year, to remember this important day and to show a new image of the NFSC and NFSC citizens.

The website is the portal of the NFSC, available in ten different languages. In addition to information and news links about Miles, the website also includes links to the Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF), all Himalaya farm servers and specific contents of the G-series. The style of the site tends to be simple and generous. It has customization rights to the NFSC dictionary and self-developed search function.

The NFSC website provides an opportunity to learn about the Whistleblower Movement. It plays an important promotion role for the NFSC. In addition, it opens a one-to-one and secure customer service function. Fellow fighters are able to communicate, complain, or break news via text. In the future, the website will also take on functions such as registration and identifying fellow fighters.

The NFSC Dictionary is intended for the convenience of fellow learners and researchers of NFSC and those interested in it. It is an online encyclopedic repository organized and developed by the GNEWS team and is compiled and maintained by fellow fighters on an ongoing volunteer basis.

Since 2017, Miles Guo has launched an unprecedented Whistleblower Movement in the form of a live stream. He has peacefully pushed Communist China to change its ruling regime by providing massive evidence related to the CCP, differentiates the CCP and the Chinese people, and to re-establish new image of the New Chinese representing by NFSC, including all aspects of politics, rule of law, diplomacy, economy, defense, and culture, advocating the values of future human righteousness.

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