June 4 Incident, the Year of 1989 is the Nightmare of the Chinese People

In the 1980s, with the reform and opening up of the CCP, the “pride of heaven”, college students initiated the democratic election for student unions on campus, and various clubs and lectures were born. A corner of the square at Peking University frequently gathered many kinds of people giving speeches, debates. The students criticized the regime, commented on current affairs, and simply believed that the CCP should reform the political system and had good willed hopes for Deng Xiaoping and Zhao Ziyang. The “Xiaoping Nihao” banner is the work of Peking University students.

In April 1989, Beijing colleges and universities organized demonstrations on the street, and both teachers and leaders of the school supported and suspended classes and teaching. After the People’ Daily 426 editorial set the tone for a riot; school’s leaders changed their attitude overnight. But the strong statement of officials made the students and people feel unbelievable and angry. Dazibao condemning the editorial was quickly plastered across the university campus. In a few weeks that followed, the protesting students demanded that the government withdraw the characterizations in the editorial.

In the early morning of June 4, gunfire was heard near the square, and martial law troops were ordered to move into Tiananmen Square, use tanks to crush and expel the students. Then the square was filled with running and crying, with uncountable deaths and injuries. People began to use the plate cart, bicycles, etc. to send the injured to nearby hospitals for treatment. Many students were settled afterwards or sent to prison, expelled from school and sent back to their origins, as a result of their involvement in the “June 4 Incident.” This movement for freedom and democracy initiated by college students, once had sparked a flame of hope in the Chinese people’s heart, but was quickly violently suppressed and buried by the CCP. Today more than 30 years later, the CCP’s Xi Jinping unethically and inhumanly has returned to the 10 years’ pattern of the Culture Revolution in order to maintain his dictatorship’s rule. If the Chinese people do not wake up and take down the CCP’s dictatorship, tragedies like the June 4th Incident will never end.

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