Breaking News: Morgan Attends NFSC Second Anniversary Celebration

On June 4, the 91-year-old former chairman of GTV, Mr. Morgan, and his wife, Connie, attended the 2nd anniversary celebration of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Although Mrs. Morgan answered the question humbly, it is undeniable that Mr. Morgan is of course the top figure in the world pyramid, whose family once saved the US economy twice with its own efforts and has become a symbol of the world’s financial circles.

At present, viruses, vaccines, and wars are the three main threats in the world. However, with the assistance of the Morgan family, the G series created by Miles Guo has thrived and become a “safe haven” in difficult times.

In the live broadcast, Miles told a story about how United States joined the World War II, which is also closely related to the Morgan family. At that time, a lawyer used a letter from President Roosevelt to his lover, threatening the president to kill the Morgan family and get rid of the Federal Reserve. Morgan was furious when he found out, and in the end his two sons had a revenge on the lawyer.

The lawyer dragged the United States into World War II and profited it by establishing a steel plant, which it eventually became the second largest steel plant in the world by selling steel during World War II. This person had actually increased the US national debt from billions into tens of billions. The background of the United States participating in World War II is related to this event, not the background of World War II that everyone sees.

Later, after President Wilson came up, the entire Morgan family disintegrated completely which later re-established in Europe, and then the current day of Morgan.

Mrs. Morgan never gave interviews, but today she did with Miles Guo. In the interview, Mrs. Morgan denied that the Morgan family is part of the deep state and said the Morgan family had no stake in the Federal Reserve.

During the conversation, Mr. Guo reiterated that the goal of the New Federal State of China is to eliminate the CCP, carry out economic cooperation with the United States, and live in peace forever.

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