Mrs. Morgan’s Interview With Miles Guo

Morgan and his wife actually made an appearance at the New Federal State of China 2nd Anniversary New York celebration. The elegant and beautiful Mrs Morgan was also interviewed live for the first time in her life by Miles Guo. Below are the summary of the interview:

1. The Morgans have no ties to the deep state, rather, the Morgans are true American patriots who have saved America twice.

2. The Federal Reserve did not like the Morgans because the Morgans were too powerful.

3. More than 30,000 relics were bought back from Puyi for US$1 million in the late Qing Dynasty, all of which have been kept and preserve in the Morgan Library.

4. She loves G|Fashion so much that her daughter would wear it to school. G|Fashion carries the culture, hence, the family has been involved in the development of the G-Series since the very beginning.

5. This is the first time the Morgan family has received interview. The Morgan family has a great taste in food and can help to enhance the quality of G|Fashion.

6. After a careful research, Morgan family considers Himalaya Coin is the cleanest among all digital currency.

Every individual Miles Guo has introduced is jaw-dropping to all grassroots. It has widen the vision of all of use. We have witnessed miracle after miracle, gained victory after victory and recorded every moments that last for a lifetime.

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