Weekly Analysis and Summary of HCoin

The price of HCoin has been floating above $41 for the past week, with an average daily trading volume of about 130,000 coins and a one-week trading volume of about 900,000 coins. The total trading volume of HCoin since its launch is about 39 million pieces, accounting for only about 3.9% of the total issue volume this year. At present, trading of the HCoin is not yet fully open worldwide, and the price is still seriously undervalued.
On June 2, North American news site Digital Journal published an article about stablecoins by William Je, the founder of Himalaya Exchange and CEO of Hamilton Investment Management Ltd. The article highlighted the fact that HDollar (HDO) has a 100% reserve of USD assets and is the only stablecoin on the market that can guarantee its 1:1 USD value at any given time. Miles Guo revealed during the live broadcast that the site has barely reported other digital currencies positively and that one of the most popular and top two stablecoins in the world right now is HDO.
This week, the New Federal State of China celebrates its second anniversary. Miles Guo said this week that the transition from the fiat to digital currency era will take less than a decade, that the future distribution of human productivity will be determined by digital currencies. Miles predicted that China may form a confederation of 20-30 states after the demise of the Chinese Communist Party, and that the most important value of HCoin is the concept of the New Federal State of China and the demise of the CCP. According to Miles, in the digital currency market, the only one that institutional investors came in to invest before the project starts is HCoin and one of the most important reasons is that the credit of the New Federal State of China anchors the Chinese market after the extinction of the CCP.
This makes HCoin the strongest coin in the world, and there will be a large influx of funds in the future. In addition, HDO, the highest-credit stablecoin, and HPay, the most liquid payment system, have also laid the foundation for the value of HCoin. Miles said, “For all other digital currencies around the world, it is easy to put money in and hard to cash out. But, only for HCoin, it is hard to invest in HCoin due to its strict KYC procedure and easy to cash out.”
Miles also mentioned that after the Republican Party wins the U.S. midterm election this year, the U.S. Congress will recognize the NFSC, and the Himalaya Exchange will naturally be legalized and becoming stronger. CCP insiders who can provide NFSC with information that helps to take down the CCP will receive HCoins. And, in the future, anyone who contributes to the “Whistleblower Movement” will be rewarded with a Tang Ping Coin.
During the June 4th celebration, Mr. John Morgan’s wife, Connie, was interviewed by Miles. As an insider with years of experience in the digital currency, she said, “HCoin is very clean. The price of HCoin is very stable when all other digital currencies are plummeting, because it is very clean.”

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