Infighting and Purges Are Fate CCP Officials Cannot Avoid

In a live broadcast on June 3, 2022, Miles Guo mentioned the difference between the Chinese and Western bureaucracy.

Miles points out that although officials in the West are very bureaucratic, they emphasize the rule of law. Whoever breaks the law will be subjected to justice, regardless of personal quality. In China, however, there is institutional corruption. Officials would not get promoted if they were not corrupt or involved in crimes.

Miles is outspoken in his remark that under the CCP system, promotion opportunities are made available for newcomers only through constant arrests and purges. The CCP consolidates its power through bribery. Sadly, the CCP officials never believed they could get arrested. They all expect to be protected by a network of connections. Miles says that personal qualities of these officials have nothing to do with their chances of getting jailed. This is how the CCP managed to stay in power, and it is the fate CCP officials cannot escape.

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