The Concocted Pretext that Framed the June-4th Students

In a video broadcasted live 3 years ago on June 22, 2019, Miles Guo exposed one key fact of the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre. Before the CCP used military power to crack down on the students on June 4th, 1989, Yan Baibing, one of the very top CCP leaders, told his subordinates to concoct a fake tragedy in order to use it as an excuse to crack down the pro-democracy movement.

Miles’ recollected, Yang Baibing, then Secretary-General of the Central Military Commission, personally disclosed to Miles that before June 4, 1989, the CCP came up with an unthinkable scheme of framing the protesting students and civilians by planting a burned body of a PLA soldier, and blaming it onto the students as the evidence of their rioting behavior, and therefore to clear the Tiananmen Square using guns and tanks.

Miles said that the CCP deliberately pre-arranged for reporters to come to the scene to cover the story. Back then, there was no internet yet. Somehow, within 1 hour, the CCP’s state media Guangming Daily published fake news that a PLA soldier had been “burned to death” by students and hung from a bridge.

The whole incident of the crackdown shocked the world. But the CCP’S PLA used this as an excuse to carry out a tragic massacre of the students and civilians who merely participated in the peaceful democracy movement, and countless others were persecuted and imprisoned.

The June 4th Massacre has been a nightmare for the Chinese Communist Party, as it exposed its insidious true colors. Even though the Communist regime has been suppressing the spread of the truth about the horrific event, the members of the NFSC will never forget, and will make sure the world will never forget. Justice will eventually prevail.

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