A Canadian Man Receives Compensation For Adverse Reactions To Communist China’s Virus Vaccine

On June 2, a former Canadian pilot claimed that he has received compensation for adverse reactions to the CCP virus vaccine after being paralyzed for more than a year. He did not mention the exact amount, but said he qualified for $90,000 income compensation per year. The maximum amount of that compensation is about $284,000.

The male pilot was hospitalized with Guillain-Barre syndrome for 30 days after he received the CCP virus vaccine, which is a rare disease of the nerve system that mainly shows as paralysis, muscle weakness and even death. The man also had a loss of feeling in the feet and visual disturbances. Canadian vaccine injury support program VISP has grown at a faster rate during the CCP virus pandemic.

The pilot received compensation from VISP though he’s only one of a few people who has received compensation. The man said that the compensation has not changed his situation, and that the physical and psychological trauma caused by the CCP virus vaccine continues.

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