The Future of the Chinese People is in Their Own Hands

In the live broadcast on June 3, 2022, Miles Guo said that due to Xi Jinping’s craziness, he had taken the Chinese Communist Party to a dead end. The international community has completely isolated Communist China. Therefore, the severe social upheavals and the darkest age are imminent. But fate should always be in the hands of the Chinese people themselves.

Miles pointed out that the Chinese must stand up to take down the CCP. Chinese people should declare that China will take the road of democracy and the rule of law, attract more talents, and be truly united. Let Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet become independent. China should implement a federal system, establish a federal-state supported by the United States, and coexist peacefully with other countries to avoid disasters.

Miles emphasized that only in this way can the losses to the people and society be minimized. Chinese people can create and enjoy their civilization and wealth safely and securely, bringing the most excellent security to the world. China will achieve its true future, and it is also in the interests of the world.

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