U.S. Air Force Drills Two Scenarios for CCP’S Attack on Taiwan Strait

Taiwan media reported on May 30 that the U.S. Air Force exercised “Agile Combat Employment” or ACE program, and “Forward Area Refuelling Point ” or FARP program to target the Chinese Communist Party’s(CCP) attack on the Taiwan Strait.

The ACE program requires a unit to rapidly mobilize and deploy fighter aircraft throughout the region, enhancing the U.S. military’s ability to secure and deploy combat forces in overseas expeditions and off-site operations and rapidly resupply and transition to combat at designated bases without accompanying security. Last December, during Exercise Iron Dagger, the U.S. Air Force sent F-35A Lightning II fighters from the U.S. mainland to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, unannounced and conducted rapid refueling and rearmament tests, fully demonstrating its capabilities.

U.S. Army commander David. Colonel David Berkland, commander of the U.S. Army, said the exercise confirmed the U.S. ability to rapidly mobilize in the Indo-Pacific region and deploy fifth-generation air power.

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