More Than 100 UK MPs Jointly Call For the Audit of the UK Assets of CCP and Hong Kong Officials

On May 27th, a cross-party group of more than 100 MPs have written to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, calling for the audit of the UK assets of CCP and Hong Kong officials linked to human rights violations, which served as the basis for a future Hong Kong-specific sanction list.

According to the report, it is the first time that the UK government imposed sanctions on these officials after the Hong Kong National Security Law came into effect and the UK strongly condemned its violations of the Sino-British Joint Declaration. The letter was jointly signed by 86 MPs and 24 lords, who pointed out CCP and Hong Kong officials criticized the Western interference in its internal affairs, attacked the UK’s preservation of rights promised to the history, law, and ethics in Hong Kong and purchased the property in UK, US, Canada, France, and Australia to conceal their illegal assets.
Conservative Sir Iain Duncan Smith, who lead the call, said Ms. Truss should learn from the Western response to the Ukraine crisis and undertake an audit of CCP and Hong Kong officials’ UK assets, which would serve as a pathway to the final introduction of a Hong Kong specific Magnitsky-style sanction list. Labor MP Siobhain McDonagh, another leader of the call, said it was absolutely imperative that these officials accused of human rights violations were unable to hold assets or property in the UK.

Analysts said even if the UK took no action, the joint signature would put enormous pressure on these officials and force them to transfer their hidden assets abroad.

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