Exposing The CCP Overseas Pseudo-democratic Dissidents

The international movement against the CCP is challenged by overseas fake Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dissidents. These plants are a part of foreign propaganda, spies, and fake pro-democracy activists sent by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They use various identities as covers, hide overseas, and attack the Whistleblower Movement and Miles through various media platforms bought and manipulated by the CCP.

Meanwhile, as the Whistleblower Movement reveals the facts, the crimes committed by the CCP overseas mouthpieces are gradually exposed, and the Western world has realized the destructive nature of the CCP’s influence on Western democracy, freedom, and civilization.

Here, we will learn more about Al Jazeera’s intentions and motives for its malicious attacks on Miles and the Whistleblower Movement and counter their lies one by one through Al Jazeera’s interviews with the CCP’s overseas mouthpieces Gong Xiaoxia and Zhuang Liehong.

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Translator: MOS English Team – Jack H.
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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