Miles Guo Talks About the Importance of G|Fashion to the NFSC

On May 29, Miles talked about the three important meanings of G|Fashion to the New Federal State of China (NFSC) during a livestream.

First, it is a cultural heritage. If China does not create its own fashion culture, Chinese people can only choose brands from others. Without G|Fashion, the NFSC people will be slaves to other brands.

Second, it guaranteed benefits. G|Clubs members are the only beneficiaries of G|Fashion. G|Clubs members possess Himalaya Coin (HCN) and can use Himalaya Pay (HPay) with special prices for G|Fashion.

The last important meaning is the support for G|Clubs members. All G|Fashion products will definitely appreciate in the future, and G|Fashion will continue to bring benefits to G|Clubs members. Meanwhile, G|Clubs members also guarantee G|Fashion’s high-end quality and status.

Miles said the wealth owned by the Whistleblower Movement followers and G|Clubs members is not to spend on luxurious life but to pass on our own culture, express an individual’s personality, gain personal success and have a happy family. G|Fashion links to the NFSC. Wealth is not only a tool to pass on our culture but also to revive Chinese culture and take down the Chinese Communist Party.

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