Miles Guo Interprets the Unique Connotation of GFASHION

On May 29, at the GFASHION headquarters in New York, Miles showed GFASHION ready-to-wear and samples to fellow fighters. They were excited. The establishment and development of GFASHION is inseparable with Mr. Guo’s pursuit of fashion over the years. GFASHION reflects Miles’ unique cognition, understanding, and interpretation of fashion over the years in terms of material, design, and workmanship. First of all, GFASHION has been exquisite with material. Miles has extremely high standards for clothing materials. Regardless of lining or fabric, he chooses the world’s top quality products, which not only make people comfortable to wear; also must be fashionable.

Secondly, GFASHION is beautiful in design. Miles said that fashion reflects progress of science and technology, which is to change the recognized standards and constantly upgraded. Mr. Guo designed Christian series and Buddhist series in terms of religious elements; so that people who wear them yearn for kindness. In terms of political elements, the LOGO of NFSC (New Federal State of China) is used in antidote series, so that the people who wear it have a sense of justice and altruism. Wearing GFASHION not only reflects the beauty of external decoration; but also reflects the beauty of inner quality. Again, GFASHION works fine. Every GFASHION product is unique and can be called a boutique. Every stitch and every thread is a display of the craftsman’s superb craftsmanship, making the person who wears it happy. In addition, GFASHION has the highest cost performance: products made from the same raw materials are expensive in major brand stores around the world. However, on the GFASHION official website, you can enjoy the top products at the most affordable prices, and at the same time, you can enhance your own worth and taste. In a word, wearing GFASHION can not only show freedom and confidence, but also health, taste, and morality. GFASHION is the new fashion of the NFSC. GFASHION is still innovating continuously and will surely bring you constant surprises!

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