NAAT Haltes in Communist China as Health Insurance Refuses to Pay

It was reported on May 30 that since the national healthcare department refused to pay for large-scale PCR tests, and required local governments to bear the cost, many testing sites have been removed and on-site personnel began refusing to provide free tests to residents. The city of Zhengzhou in Henan Province was the first to remove all traffic barriers, which were used to screen PCR results and QR codes for people trying to leave the city.

Previously, the PCR test business in Communist China was very lucrative for local governments. After a growing absence of significant revenue from land sales, local governments have turned their attention to mass testing, earning hundreds of billions of yuan. For the cost of regular nationwide testing, the local treasury only pays 20%, while the national healthcare insurance needs to cover as much as 80%. Due to the “every-other-day test” and “15-minute sampling circle” policy, many health insurance funds were embezzled, misappropriated, and misused by local governments.

According to informed sources, local governments were immediately strapped for cash after the national health insurance refused to pay for testing, and local governments were immediately strapped for cash. The national NAAT policies in Communist China will be stopped one after another due to lack of funds and other issues.

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