Weekly Analysis and Summary of HCoin

In the past week, the price of HCoin dropped back to around $40, then rebounded to above $42, with an average daily trading volume of about 130,000 coins and a one-week trading volume of nearly 1 million coins. The total trading volume of HCoin since its launch is about 38.1 million pieces, accounting for only about 3.81% of the total issue volume this year. At present, trading of HCoin is not yet fully open globally, and its price is still seriously undervalued.

Miles Guo said in a live broadcast this week that the recent rise in HCoin trading volume shows that HCoin is already moving rapidly towards trade normalization, commercialization, and circulation. The new version of HPay will be far more powerful than the current HPay when it comes online. The fundamental value of digital currency lies in its use in business and trade, not speculation. The core value of HCoin is HPay and the stable coin HDO whose funds will not be misappropriated. Miles also revealed that HCoin’s KYC process will be easier in the near future for more people, as long as they provide a copy of their ID card, which is equivalent to providing their address.

Miles also talked about Tang Ping Coin in his grand live broadcast. Tang Ping Coin is also called Media Coin, and its value comes from the advertising time on the platform. Tang Ping Coin will first be used on Gettr, GNews, and the new GTV platform, and may also be launched on Facebook and Google in the future. Users can get Tang Ping Coin as long as they use these media platforms online. Tang Ping Coin is absolutely decentralized, confidential, and safe with no KYC required. It only requires cellphone and internet access to use. Miles said that a total of 25 trillion Tang Ping coins will be issued and the future market value could reach 100 trillion dollars, which is the global GDP for a year. Tang Ping Coin may be of nearly zero value when it first comes online, but its value will skyrocket over time and may even exceed HCoin. The most important future of Tang Ping Coin is that it can directly exchange goods without the need of fiat currencies, unlike current digital currencies.

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