Pompeo Reveals the Significance of Decision of Sanctions on Huawei

On May 27, Mr. Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State, revealed in a program interview about the reasons and significance of the Trump administration’s targeting of Huawei for sanctions.
Former Secretary Pompeo said that Huawei was specifically chosen for sanctions by the State Department during his term. At the time, Americans could easily access Huawei’s products, so sanctioning Huawei would enable more people to see two facts. First, there are no so-called “private enterprises” in Communist China, and all such enterprises are inherently controlled by the CCP. Secondly, the CCP, the People’s Liberation Army and even the CCP’s state security services are stealing information from ordinary people in all countries through the products of these companies. Sanctioning Huawei, therefore, became the starting point for the American society to change its view of the CCP at that time.
Mr. Pompeo concluded by saying that he hoped that this would alert more countries to the dangers of working with the CCP and lead to the formation of rules to prevent the CCP from stealing information from the West.

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