Biden Tells Navy Graduates to Keep the South China Sea Free

It was reported that, on May 27, U.S. President Biden gave a speech to 1,200 graduating Navy cadets at the graduation ceremony of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, reminding them that their job is to ensure maritime freedom in the South China Sea.
Biden said Putin had attempted to Finland-ize Europe. He ordered the invasion of Ukraine to wipe out the culture and identity of the Ukrainian people. Instead, it prompted the imminent NATO membership of neutral Finland and Sweden, essentially NATO-ized all of Europe. The United States helped form a coalition against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, defeating Putin’s attempt to divide NATO allies.
In connection with his recent trip to Asia, Biden said that the Indo-Pacific maritime battlefield would become the frontier area for the United States to respond to local natural and humanitarian disasters. Therefore, he hopes that these soon-to-be Navy cadets will defend the international rules since they are the cornerstone of the global economy and stability. These rules provide a free and open Indo-Pacific region and ensure freedom of navigation in the South China Sea and beyond. President Biden asked the graduating class to make sure the sea lanes remain open and secure and tie together America’s European and Indo-Pacific allies.

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