Monkeypox Is a Consequence of the CCP Virus and Vaccination

Miles Guo revealed that as informed by scientists, ”monkeypox’ is a result of the CCP virus and its vaccines. The current so-called monkeypox virus is actually one kind of measles as a result of the compromised natural immune system, which is weakened by the mRNA vaccines. Measles is also common among AIDS patients with weak immune systems.
Humans have survived for tens of thousands of years, and such symptoms have never occurred on a large scale. However, after the Chinese Communist Party intentionally unleashed the virus on the world and mass vaccination campaign, there have been many cases of monkeypox, which must be related to the CCP virus and the vaccines.
In conclusion, Miles emphasized that monkeypox is not a virus but a disease resulting from the combined influence of the CCP virus and the vaccines. The root cause is the CCP stole technologies from America, researched it at Wuhan Virology Institution (WIV), and unleashed the virus at the end of 2019. Causing global panic for a cure, and they pushed for the vaccination. After the jabs, the natural immune system is weakened or seriously compromised, which leads to AIDS-like symptoms.

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