U.S. Expects to End Mandatory Vaccination for CCP Virus by the End of 2022

On May 29th, Miles said on his grand livestream that the world will follow the U.S. to gradually terminate mandatory vaccination orders. The U.S. is most likely to announce the end of the vaccine mandate in December, after the midterm elections.
The U.S. is showing signs of ending mandatory vaccination against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, but no official announcement will be made until after the midterm elections because the government is afraid of being held accountable and paying large amounts of compensation after legal trials.
However, civil lawsuits against the U.S. Government have already begun and are unstoppable. All these lawsuits are the beginning of a process to stop politicized vaccines and the politicized medicine industry in the West, and it will be a very long process. These turning tides and these awakenings are based on the premise that 7.5 billion people around the world are facing death from toxic CCP virus vaccines and collateral damage. Mankind will not only pay a huge price but also face an immeasurable crisis.
Miles emphasized that both the mainstream media and the doctors who have come out in support of vaccination are working for the forces behind the scenes, with a written script in their hands, and have entirely become political medicine. Only the medical mission composed of doctors from the New Federal State of China is truly scientific medical research by querying data, studying medical records, and exploring solutions.

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