The NFSC Was Dedicated To Establishing A Platform For Valuable Information Exchange

On May 27th, Miles Guo posted a video on Gettr, saying the correct identification of the critical information provided by fellow fighters within Communist China, for which the New Federal State of China (NFSC) would offer an enormous reward and ensure the personal security of the information providers.

Mr. Guo said, information facilitating the elimination of the CCP, evidence exposing of the CCP’s governance by fake news, cheating, stealing and villainous means, its massacre in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hongkong, its persecution against local businessmen, its false accounting in banks and its dirty money concealed around the world, case files concerning the CCP’s senior officials and top-level spies and videos showing the internal situation of the CCP’s troops in Fujian province were all regarded as valuable information by the NFSC, for which the NFSC would offer reward as appropriate. Meanwhile, Mr. Guo emphasized that each farm had to provide security guarantees to fellow fighters who gave information at all costs.

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