A New Startup to Mine Rare Minerals from Space

A California-based startup is working to become the first asteroid mining company. The company has developed new technology for processing asteroid materials. While the new technology has been tested in the laboratory, the company will put its technology to tests in space with the help of the Falcon 9 of Space X.

Founded in Jan 2022, the startup is distinct from other asteroid mining companies in that this company is the first to mine asteroids for platinum-group metals (PGMs).

A statement from the company said that if an unlimited resource could be obtained from space, people could move away from harmful mining practices on Earth and get the materials needed to expand humanity’s scientific capabilities.

Platinum group metals are in high demand and widely used in industry, but this mining comes with serious pollution issues. Shifting the mining activities away from Earth through the company’s new technology would offer a sustainable solution for the demand of PGMs.

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