Semi-Finals of First “NFSC Cup” Poetry Recitation Contest

In May 2022, the first “NFSC Cup” Poetry Recitation contest hosted by the Australia Himalaya Farm kicked off. On May 27 2022, the semifinals of the “original works” group came to a successful completion. During the three-and-a-half-hour competition, 28 poems created by the fellow fighters participated, where 15 of them got to advance into the next round. Along with the other 15 semi finalists from last week, they will be competing in the finals which will be kicked off on June 2.

Just as a song may express one’s aspiration, a poem may express one’s feeling. The enthusiasm shown by the fellow fighters of the NFSC is touching, and the verses are beautiful. The poems covered a diverse range of topics such as the Russia-Ukraine war, the NFSC and ROL Foundation’s rescue effort, the painful story of the chained woman, and of course, reflection on their participation in the Whistleblower Movement.

Let the poetry contest be a witness of the Whistleblower Movement, the fight for freedom and justice. Let’s continue to build a beautiful future for the NFSC, the New Federal State of China.

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