Musk’s Acquisition Of Twitter Is Gettr’s Greatest Opportunity

On May 13, Miles Guo delivered his views on Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in a grand live broadcast. Mr. Guo said the acquisition of Twitter was the most important bet of Musk’s life. Mr. Guo believes the matter involves both the left and the right faction in the United States, and also involves collaboration with the Communist China, and even more related to Musk’s attitude toward the media. Now, Musk has not yet gone to Twitter, and the company is already in turmoil; the board of directors has started arguing over conflicts; infighting between the Communist China and The United States’ two factions; and Twitter’s stock price is undulating dramatically. Mr. Guo considers the employees may feel that the Twitter company has no sense of security,and the fluctuation of the Twitter team will cause the instability of the technology. Mr. Guo expressed pessimism about the future of Twitter and told investors that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is the greatest opportunity for Gettr.

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