Simplified KYC for HCoin Will Speed Up Account Registration

During the live broadcast on May 24th, Miles announced the good news that the KYC for HCoin account will no longer need to provide an address. A copy of the ID card is equivalent to giving the address.
KYC is to know your customer. The Himalaya Exchange has the most rigorous KYC processing in the world. For a long time, KYC certification of accounts has been very slow, and countless fellow fighters are waiting in line. With the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, digital currency has increasingly become a means of capital hedging. The recent manipulation of the digital currency market by the CCP has made the market realize that HCoin is the safest and most stable digital currency.
Now, the daily trading volume of HCoin is rising, and the Himalaya Exchange is developing rapidly towards commercialization and circulation. The essence of currency is a tool for exchanging productivity, and HCoin is circulating around the world as such a role. The next upgrade of HPay is a technological explosion.
Miles said that HCoins legal team finally reached an agreement, acknowledging that fellow fighters only need to provide proof of identity, which is equivalent to giving an address, so that 99.9% of fellow fighters stuck outside KYC can successfully pass the KYC verification. In addition, the fellow fighters from various farms who help their fighters pass KYC to enter HCoin can be rewarded with Tang Ping Coins, which are huge benefits for the fellow fighters.

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