Biden’s determination to defend Taiwan compelled CCP’s adjustment of policies on Taiwan

During the grand live broadcast on May 24th, Miles Guo revealed that having realized Biden and Japan’s unwavering commitment to defend Taiwan, the CCP renounced their previous plans to launch a prompt and devastating strike on Taiwan.
Miles said Biden’s statement at the press conference that the U.S. would resolutely safeguard Taiwan was the decision within the U.S. after thoughtful deliberation. It resulted from an adequate balance of interests and had nothing to do with conscience, morals, and emotions. To defend their national interests and maintain international order to their advantage, the U.S. was determined to team up with Japan and South Korea to protect Asian and cross-Strait security.
After the CCP heard Biden’s speech, they internally reassessed the current world situation. Two critical events were unexpected. First was Russia’s defeat in the Russia-Ukraine War. The second is the rapid strategic adjustment of the United States and Japan. Both the U.S. and Japan clearly and firmly express the need to protect Taiwan. The CCP has to change its previous attempt to destroy Taiwan quickly. They decided to siege Taiwan instead of attacking, attempting to negotiate with the West and keep Taiwan’s situation unchanged to reach a deal with the U.S. and Japan. Miles said that this was the biggest gain of Biden’s trip to Asia.

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