Miles Guo Talks About the Profound Influence of his Family on the Formation of his Personal Qualities

On May 3rd, Miles Guo disclosed in a live broadcast how profoundly and specifically his family has affected him.

Mr. Guo said that many of his qualities come from the words and deeds of his parents. When his mother borrowed something from others, she often returned more. His father was a better person than Lei Feng, and he would rather cause suffering for himself and his family than be an inconvenience to others. In Mr. Guo’s family, the children are extremely filial. They never take advantage of others and respect women. He drew on the advantages of the family.

Mr. Guo’s ability to contact society early and decide his life path is the result of his parents’ open education. Mr. Guo, in the beginning years of entering society, deeply felt and realized the various benefits of the credit and virtues accumulated by his parents and formed his deep-rooted belief that “credit is valuable.”

It is with this belief that Mr. Guo traveled around the world, accumulated his own credit, and at the same time, enjoyed the happiness brought by credit. Even during the toughest days in the Qingfeng Detention Center, he kept his credit and won the trust of his fellow inmates in the detention center. Mr. Guo believes that credit is the foundation of human survival. We shall take a long-term perspective, and at the same time, we shall measure whether we are happy in our hearts. Do not expect anything in return, and do not trade credit. This is also the correct attitude towards wealth.

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