Gfashion Is the First Chinese Design Brand to Go Global

In a grand live broadcast on May 22nd, Miles Guo pointed out that Gfashion has become a favorite in the fashion circle, and all the big names and top internet celebrities have taken the initiative to wear Gfashion. The Buddhist collection has become the most popular item.Gfashion is the only international fashion brand with Chinese participation in the design. Miles is the chief designer. His fellow fighters follow and supervise the whole process. During the ready-to-wear process, Miles and his fellow fighters showed the public almost every fabric, every cut and modification, and clothing fitting.

In addition to transparency in design, Gfashion also brings customers a unique and distinctive experience. Some of the old fashion brands were created just to show the prestige of the brand. The brand can bring wearers external superiority such as money and power, without considering the comfort of the clothes nor reflecting personal taste. The aspect belonging to the original nature of the clothes disappears. Gfashion, on the other hand, pays great attention to using clothes to reflect people’s personalities while considering the comfort of fabrics and being people oriented.

As a result, we see everyone wearing Gfashion is a unique version of themselves. The functionality and individuality of the clothes are given full play. Using Miles’ words, the clothes become an extension of human spirit.

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