Li Dazhao, the First Person to Collude with Foreign Reactionary Forces

Li Dazhao, born on October 29, 1889, in Laoting County, Hebei Province, was one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party.

Under the disguise of a director of the library of Peking University, Li Dazhao disseminated the German Marxist theory of proletarian revolution using “New Youth” and many other newspapers as a tool. He colluded with the foreign forces of the Soviet Communist Party, cultivated many radicals with so-called “communist” ideas, and eventually brought socialism ideology into China. After that, Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, Mao Zedong, and others founded the Chinese Communist Party. Since then, the CCP has embarked on the path of colluding with foreign forces to overthrow the government of the Republic of China and establish an evil dictatorship.

Analysts pointed out that because the CCP is a regime supported initially by foreign forces, it is afraid that Chinese people have access to information from the outside. It has imposed harsh means on ordinary people who listen to or watch foreign news. People who express their dissatisfaction with the CCP or spread the truth through the Internet could be defined as the so-called “collusion with foreign anti-China forces” or accused of “crimes of splitting the country and subverting the regime.” At the same time, to maintain its authoritarian ruling, the CCP government arbitrarily blocks the Internet and cuts off peoples’ connections to the outside world. Ordinary people are controlled and treated like animals.

However, just as the Fall of the Berlin Wall, new internet technologies will eventually push the CCP’s cyber firewall down. The Rule of Righteousness of the New Federal State of China and true democracy will be widely disseminated in China.

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