First Polish Volunteer in the NFSC Rescue Team Represents a Significant Symbolism

On May 22nd, during Miles Guo’s live broadcast, Tiger, the first polish volunteer who joined the rescue team of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), expressed his strong support for the NFSC’s tenet to take down the CCP.Miles said that Tiger’s arrival in the NFSC team during the past two to three months of the rescue operation represents a symbolic significance since he came from Poland, one of the most important vanguard states in the fight against the CCP. As the NFSC’s first foreign fellow fighter participating in the rescue team, he is an example demonstrating that it is the NFSC that first obtained the overt support of the international community and most Chinese people over the past one hundred years in Chinese history.

As of now, the NFSC’s frontline rescue operation has received substantial support from multiple international organizations and has sparked up with Jewish friends in the Russia-Ukraine war, sowing the seed of further cooperation. Miles believes that humanity is bound to collaborate in an era of ultra-advanced internet technologies and aerospace.

According to Miles, next time the fellow fighters meet in Ukraine, Poland, and even in the UN, the story of Tiger will be a very inspiring legend echoing among people. Everyone will create a fantastic tale of the cooperation between the NFSC and the international community with each action. Today, the NFSC has just started working with the global community through the war relief operation, and it is just the beginning.

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