U.S. Representative Proposes A Bill To Restrict DHS Funding To Confucius Institute-related Institutions

On May 20th, U.S. Representative August Pfluger introduced a bill, H.R. 7779, the “DHS Restrictions on Confucius Institutes and Chinese Entities of Concern Act,” which restricts institutions of higher education that have a relationship with Confucius Institutions or continue lucrative relationships with Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s universities while receiving funding from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Over the past several years, the U.S. government has taken successful actions against the CCP’s violation of U.S. academia. The 2021 National Defense Authorization Act has prohibited the Department of Defense (DOD) from funding higher education institutions hosting Confucius Institutes. Now it is DHS’s turn to take similar action. Under no conditions should a school in the U.S. be allowed to receive DHS funding while tacitly accepting CCP’s money.

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