Steve Bannon: The New Chinese Will Completely Destroy The CCP

On May 21, Miles Guo reposted a video on Gettr of Steve Bannon accepting an interview by Nicole, a volunteer from the New Federal State of China (NFSC), at the rescue frontline of Ukraine. Mr. Bannon said that Miles helped build media platforms, such as Gnews and Gettr, which is the strength of the NFSC and enables ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

The rescue operation of the front-line volunteers has shown the world the images of the NFSC and the New Chinese, which is the greatness of the NFSC. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses Western technologies to build a firewall and uses a social credit scoring system to suppress the Chinese people in order to cover up the truth about the CCP virus and its vaccines.

But we have seen that the CCP is falling apart. Miles Guo and his fellow fighters from worldwide farms are continuing their actions. As long as they persevere, the scale and strength of the decisive power will eventually overwhelm the CCP.

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