The Facts About The Data Hacking Of The Whistleblower Movement Network Platform

On the Miles Grand Live broadcast on May 15, Miles Guo shed light on why all the statistics about the Whistleblower Movement (WM), [including the viewership or counts of followers,] are grossly distorted and not to be trusted. Miles pointed out that the forces that have been suppressing and attacking the Whistleblower Movement (WM) not only include the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but also the forces from the “Swamp” [which refers to the powerful forces that control the world].

All the world’s major media are actually in the hands of only 5 families, on top of that, they also control all 3 of the most crucial mega data centers of the world. As a result, all online speech is subject to censorship and suppression, and of course, all things distributed by the Whistleblower Movement (WM), and the truth about the CCP Virus and the vaccine are particularly on the top of their target list. Miles also revealed that as many are already aware, as of now the WM’s platforms still rely on services provided by Big Tech such as Amazon and Google. But after wrestling with the fierce military-grade cyber attacks initiated by the CCP, the two high-tech giants finally had no choice but raise the white flag and started kowtowing to the CCP. This led to the live streaming feature of Miles’ YouTube account being shut down. In addition, all other WM media platforms are subject to their suppression, including GETTR, which explains why someone as influential and respected as Miles still maintains his GETTR follower count at 100K, significantly below the true scale of the followers.

But now the tide has finally changed – Miles shared with his audience that a certain country has now opened an investigation into this, because Miles’ YouTube account has been unjustifiably suppressed and restricted, and the statistics data about GETTR gets tempered or falsified. According to persons familiar with the case, these types of acts are considered acts of war on a national level, and according to the principle of territoriality, it should be treated under U.S. law.

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