Investing In G-Series Is Investing In Post-Communist China

In the May 15 Grand Live Broadcast, Miles Guo said that investing in G-Series is investing in a new China after the extermination of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Miles stated that investors believe that the Whistleblower Movement (WM) will create a better China without the CCP. They believe that the Chinese market plays a great role in shaping the direction of the world economy.

When talking about the technology and its application, Miles said that the value of any technology can only be realized when it is integrated into a product. It is about a leverage of 20 to 30 times from converting technology to products, to commercial application and to ecnomy. Any link in the loop goes wrong, the entire economy will go down.

Investing in G-series is investing in the future. For instance, Abu Dhabi, the Middle East’s most low-profile royal family, has been investing in social platforms. Another European big figure said he would like to invest in Miles and G-Series by looking at ten years down the road. Many of the billionaires who were at Monaco for yesterday’s Formula 1 Race have invested in the G-Series and they looked forward to the early demise of the General Secretary of CCP, Xi Jinping.

Miles further revealed that the hottest topics among the billionaires at Monaco yesterday were about the stability of Himalaya Coin in the digital currency market, the accuracy of the intelligence of the Whistleblower Movement (WM) and the New Federal State of China(NFSC), Xi Jinping’s health issue, and the confiscation of Russian and CCP’s Oligarchs’ yachts.

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