HCoin Will Become the Fairest & most Open Currency After 3-5 Years of Development

On May 11th and 13th, Miles Guo detailed the development trend of HCoin in his live broadcast. He believed that after 3 to 5 years of growth, HCoin will grow into the fairest and most open currency in the world.

Miles explained that from the perspective of expansion, Bitcoin and Ethereum currently have 40 to 50 million users respectively, and the users of the two are mostly overlapping. Binance has nearly 10 million users. Although Himalaya Exchange was launched half year ago and issued 1 billion coins at present, it owns more than 2,000 institutional investors who have settled in and opened accounts, any institution which has the ability could sweep all HCoins instantly. After a growth period of 3 to 5 years, Himalaya Exchange will have 3 billion to 5 billion HCoins in circulation, and the number of users is expected to reach 20 million.

Historically, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have the original sin of lack of strict KYC account opening, and played a disgraceful role in the Russia-Ukraine war, becoming a tool for sanctioned individuals to evade sanctions. Under the joint crackdown of various governments, they are gradually disappearing. Since its launch of HCoin, Himalaya Exchange has strict KYC account opening and deposit management, and a HPay connection with instant transmission and no transaction costs. Meanwhile, it cooperates frankly with governments of various countries without selling users’ information to avoid becoming a tool for criminals to launder money and disrupt the financial order.

There is no doubt that HCoin will be recognized by many countries and become the national reserve currency. In the post-Bitcoin era, it is expected that about 10-20 million increasingly high-end users with the highest quality will flow into the Himalaya Exchange. The value of HCoin could be worth of $10,000 or even $20,000 each with the hype of users. Along with the widespread popularity of HPay on a commercial scale, HCoin will eventually become the fairest and most open currency in the world, and its value will rise rapidly.

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