The Truly Outstanding Leaders Will Take Humanity To The Next Climax

During the grand live broadcast on May 10th, Miles Guo pointed out truly outstanding leaders with wisdom, moral, cultivation and faith would take humanity to the next climax.

Mr. Guo said humanity would pay a high price for the disaster of the CCP virus vaccine, which would change everything. In such circumstances, all the religious games would be over and all the tricks of propaganda as well as all the evil rules manipulated by the political forces would be eradicated. In the meantime, the society relying on personality cult or a strongman leadership will be gone forever.Mr. Guo added, there were not only great people but great systems in the world. In the era of Internet, digitalization and blockchain, nothing is concealable. To this end, those who were unable to see through life and death as well as controlling their own emotions and desires, could never conquer other people, communities and countries.

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Translator : MOS Buddhism Team — Ronald Yan
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