Miles Guo Reveals The Truth About How Social Media Manipulate Data

In the Live Broadcast on May 11th, Miles Guo reveals the truth about how the existing social media platforms tamper with data.

Miles Guo said social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, have bots that account for forty to fifty percent of their user base, even the daily active user (DAU) and monthly active user (MAU) of the platforms have forty to sixty percent fake data. On the other hand, these platforms delete and modify data from accounts related to the Whistleblower Movement on purpose, often by compressing the real data to hundreds of times. For example, YouTube regularly blocks any data of Whistleblower Movement followers from inside CCP China, and then deliberately limits the growth of relevant data in the background.

Mr. Guo pointed out that all fake data show CCP’s manipulation of the international social media platforms, and targeting us is the very reflection of the CCP’s fear of the Whistleblower Movement.

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