Miles Guo: Big Tech Companies Use the 5th Amendment to Control Free Speech

On May 11, in a grand live broadcast connected with his fellow fighters, Miles Guo mentioned that some of the social media companies, such as YouTube and Twitter, tampered with back-end data on all accounts which belongs to Himalaya Farms under the New Federal Stated of China (NFSC) that using for spreading the truth about the Whistleblowers Movement on those platforms, including Amazon’s AMS database which GETTR used.

In principle, AMS could also make changes to GETTR’s back-end data at any time. Because as a monopolistic company, it has such power. Currently, there is no relevant legislation to limit this power for them.

Miles added that president Trump’s Twitter account has been banned because of private company rules, but Judge ruled that Twitter’s practice was legal. Although the Fifth Amendment stipulates the freedom of speech cannot be interfered with, the act is aimed at state and government agencies and does not have any binding force on private companies.

Fellow fighters commented that Twitter and YouTube are private companies. In order to develop their businesses, they use the law protecting private companies, collude with the Chinese Communist Party, extremely interfere with users’ freedom of speech, tampering the account data of fellow fighters, and close accounts at will, while fake democracy activists and scammer accounts get data recommendations.

On this point, what we can do is to try to make our platforms stronger and to get rid of the restrictions of these Big Tech companies; on the other hand, to adopt possible legal action to limit the power of the big tech companies.

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