Bravery is the Noble Spirit of Upholding Justice and Faith

During the grand live broadcast on May 11th, Miles Guo elaborated further on the difference between courage and bravery. He said that courage was an idea not put into action and a personal attitude, while bravery was one’s unwavering pursuit of faiths and truths, moving from words to actions, adhering to the value concept in the face of challenges, and ultimately achieving the goal, after he eloquently explained bravery just the day before as sticking to the principle that “Only the truth prevails”, insisting on kindness and justice, upholding truth, and integrating theory and practice.

Miles also said those who spoke out for justice but did not participate in the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 were courageous and those who participated in person and made no compromise even after being thrown into a detention center were brave.

Bravery is the behavior as a direct consequence of firm beliefs, the commitment and tenacity to the standards of justice and kindness, as well as the real noble spirit.

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