US Updates the Wording of US-Taiwan Relations and CCP Slams the Changing

The US State Department revised the description of US-Taiwan Relations on May 5, which calls Taiwan an essential partner of the US in the Indo-Pacific region. It removed the sentences ‘Taiwan Is Part of China’ and “the US does not support Taiwan independence.” In its latest note, the United States mentioned that the US-Taiwan relationship is ‘guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, the three US-China Joint Communiques, and the Six Assurances. It has been consistent with the US Department of Defense’s recent proposition.

In this regard, Zhao Lijian,Spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), said that Taiwan is part of China under the jurisdiction of the CCP. He argued that this is the United States “a petty act of fictional and hollowing out the one-China principle.”

At the regular press conference of the US State Council, the reporter asked whether the US policy had changed due to the CCP’s reaction. State Department spokesperson Ned Price stressed that while some wording may have changed, “our underlying policy has not changed.” She said the revised content is not a wrong update but an update of a situation statement. The US often regularly updates our fact sheets. In addition, the spokesman called on the CCP to act responsibly and not to create excuses to increase pressure on Taiwan.

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