Red Square Parade Bugles the Dissolution of Russia and Communist China

In reference to Macron’s tough attitude in a phone call with Xi, Miles Guo said following the Russia-Ukraine war, France, a once pro-communist country, its Foreign Ministry has made a stern protest against the distorted statements of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Foreign Ministry, and President Macron, who recently won reelection, has turned against Xi, changing his previous practice.

Before the military parade, the western community had mastered information about Putin’s clandestine family members and concealed wealth. After the parade, the German Foreign Minister and State Defense Minister publicly challenged the current pro-CCP German Chancellor, Scholz, stating that since Putin and Russia have been rendered powerless, the EU, the most support strength behind the Russian-Ukraine war, would eliminate Putin and dissolve Russia at all costs.

According to Miles Guo, upon the CCP’s assault on Taiwan, the CCP will follow in the footsteps of Russia’s disintegration. The abrupt departure of Putin from the parade on May 9th heralds an upcoming new world landscape, trumpeting the demise of the CCP.

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