Recent Extreme Weather In China

According to media reports on May 10th inside the Communist China, the CCP meteorological station released a heavy rain warning that from May 10 to 15, the Southern China will have a heavy and prolonged rainfall. The high and widespread rains would increase local residents’ exposure to disaster risks. At the same time, residents of the area need to prevent various geological disasters caused by heavy rainfall, such as flash floods, landslides and mudslides. The CCP’s Guangzhou government even reminded residents in the announcement to prepare for at least two days of living supplies.

In Inner Mongolia, in the northern part of China, which used to be dry and lack of rain in May, saw a sudden snowfall recently. As of May 10, Inner Mongolia accumulated a large amount of precipitation of 8.3 mm, with a snow depth up to 5 cm. In addition, due to the cold air of Inner Mongolia, Beijing temperatures on the same day were only 15 degrees, which is extremely rare compare to the same period in previous years.

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