The Rising Tensions Around Taiwan Are A Cause For Concern

Since entering May, the CCP has been making military threats to Taiwan, the frequent pro-CCP incidents within Taiwan, and the numerous natural disasters around Taiwan have all caused global concerns about security in the Taiwan region.

According to relevant media reports on May 7, the hourly chimes of the National Army General Hospital in Kaohsiung City was actually the recording of ” Oriental Red,” the de facto national anthem of Communist China. Although the hospital immediately replaced the clock, the relationship behind the incident with the CCP is deeply thought-provoking.

The next day, international media reported that that the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning carried out carrier-to-board warplanes and helicopters in the waters around Taiwan for six consecutive days. In addition, Another Taiwanese fishermen directly witnessed the CCP vessels including the aircraft carrier passing through the nearby waters.

On May 9, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit the waters of Hualien County in eastern Taiwan.

In response, Miles Guo has repeatedly revealed in his live broadcasts that the CCP has never gave up its ambition to invade Taiwan, and many high-level Taiwan army has been bought by the CCP, and in order to attack Taiwan, the CCP is likely to artificially create catastrophic accidents including power outages and earthquakes, which are used to disrupt Taiwan. Therefore Taiwan compatriots must pay close attention to prevent the disasters caused by the CCP, Including them using pro-communist inside Taiwan, or a simply fire war.

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