TESLA Shanghai Factory Shuts Down Due to Parts Shortage

The leading electric car company, Tesla, has a factory in Shanghai that has to shut down production due to a shortage of production parts caused by the city’s lockdown.

While Tesla’s local factory has previously received permission from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to partially resume production since April 19th, the city-wide lockdown of Shanghai imposed by the CCP has lasted for more than six weeks. According to an internal memo from Tesla’s Shanghai plant, Tesla had plans beginning on May 16th to resume production levels, making 2,600 electric vehicles per day prior to the city lockdown.

However, Tesla’s Shanghai plant is to be closed again due to its wiring supplier Aptiv suspending shipments caused by the pandemic. The report said it is unknown when the supply chain problem can be resolved and when Tesla can resume production.

When questioned however, Tesla responded that there was a logistical lag and no notice of the Shanghai factory shutdown had been received.

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